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Free Fractal Flame Rendering

I created this site to allow the people who enjoy making fractals with Apophysis the oportunity to render high resolution flames on a high performance GPU, taking only a few seconds to minutes, instead of several hours on a cpu. This site is still under construction, obivously, and this service is provided free of charge on single frame renders. All you have to do is supply the .flame or .flam3 file and an email address for me to send you your fractal masterpiece!

Typically, it takes about 1 minute to render a 1080p fractal at 10000 quality and upload the image.
Time will also depend on how many people are in front of you in the queue.

Flame Type Compatable?
Apophysis YES
Apophysis7x MEH, NO 3D VARIABLES
Fractron 9000 NO
Spherical3D NO
Others MAYBE
If it works in Apohpysis, it will work here, probably. Can support animated but will only render first frame as of now. Paid option for whole animation in the future.
You will recieve your image through email. (I promise I wont use your email for anything besides the automated finished image.)
(curent max is 5000. possibly higher resolutions in the near future.)
(current max is 5000)
(Suggested to be around 6000 to 10000. current max is 10000)

If you would like to see the status of or redownload a fractal, enter its UID below and click "Track".

If you like this service let me know! You can also let me know by clicking the donate button! I'm a broke ass college student who did this in my free time and would like to continue doing it.

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If you find any bugs, errors or have any kind of feedback, please send me an email at Thanks!